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Created: 10/12/2001

Updated: 08/05//2011





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Chapter 2



 Project Log for #385


-Getting Ready

-Progress Chart

-The Hangar

-Verical Stabilizer

-Horizontal Stabilizer

-Wing Ribs

-Wing Spars

-Wing Assembly

-Wing Skins & Details

-Flaps and Ailerons

- Aft Fuselage

-Fwd Fuselage

-Cockpit Area

-Electrical Diagram

- Canopy

- Cowling

- Engine

-Landing Gear

-Wing Rigging

- Final Assemblies & Miscellaneous

-First Moves

- Flying the Sonex

- Western States Tour




NEW - 2011 Fishing Trip to Canada

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2010 Hiking Trip to Colorado

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2007 Reunion Trip to French Valley, CA

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Part 1

Part 2

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N7770R in the air !

First Flight March 28, 2006

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Photos by Bob Gurski/Larry Ross/Fred Hulen



"Man must rise above the Earth -- to the top of the atmosphere and beyond -- for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives."




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Why a Sonex?

My project's mission is to build an airplane that is capable of economically carrying 2 people to weekend destinations around the Midwest. My other (crazier) idea is to load the 2nd seat with camping gear and go for longer trips all over the US. The Sonex meets or is above my expectations, heck it even allows for mild aerobatics.

Since I was looking for a foldable wing design, I was pleased to find that the Sonex offers an acceptable compromise with its removable wings. Without going into a lot of technical details and the different comparisons I have performed during the past few years - here are the specs that impressed me the most:

Engine 80 hp Jabiru

Primary Structure 6061 aluminum

Length 17' 7"

Wing Span 22'
Cockpit Width 38-40 in.
Stall Speed (25 degree flaps) 40 mph
Stall Speed (clean) 46 mph
Max Flap Extended Speed (Vfe) 100 mph
Maneuvering Speed 125 mph
Never Exceed Speed (Vne) 197 mph
Max Speed @ S.L. 150 mph
Cruise Speed @75% S.L. 130 mph
Rate of Climb 800-1000 fpm
T.O.Distance 300 ft/Landing Distance 500 ft
Empty Weight 550 lbs
Utility Category Gross Weight 1100 lbs.
Baggage (Max) 40 lbs.
Fuel capacity 16 Us Gal.
Range @75% S.L. 475 miles
Air Foil 64-415

As if that wouldn't be good enough, the support through the Sonex Factory is really exceptional. The Monnetts offer immediate help per phone, email and a great website.

On top of that, most builders are actively involved in discussing building issues etc. via a Planholders or Sonex Talk email list.

Then there are the plans. I have seen a couple others before and nothing compares to these. They are so detailed that the manual is nothing but a couple pages of tips and a collection of construction checklists.

Finally, the Sonex is just darn pretty. Especially after I saw three of them live at Oshkosh this year I couldn't find anything I liked better anymore.

My last hesitation evaporated when I tried one on. I thought my 6'3" frame might not fit well, but I had enough headroom with the canopy closed and my long landing gear fit comfortably under the panel. That's all this pilot needed to know!